Why You Should Use Administrative Services From Day 1

By: Yaron Tal CTO and cofounder at  6Scan / Reposify

I remember the first days of 6Scan, a company Nitzan (my partner) and I founded, more than 50 percent of our time was dealing with tasks that need to be done for the company but doesn’t push forward the business nor technology – Logistics, from office rent to dealing with spam mail someone has to do it and it’s very time consuming.

Most first timers have assumptions about administrative services and I think it’s a good time to confront them:

Anyone can do administrative work in no time, no need to be an expert
A lot of experience, knowledge and vast connections are required to effectively handle administrative work of a startup company, communicate and run services by accountants, bookkeeping, insurance agent, lawyers, banks, investors and many small administrative mistakes such as dealing with mistakes in pension funds of employee or even other mistakes that may led to money losses for the company.

One of the founders can do it additionally to his other tasks
Founders take main roles in startups, business or technology and taking care of administrative tasks is time consuming, if you’ll use administrative services you’ll free yourself to do what’s best for the company.

We have accountant and insurance agent, we don’t need administrative services
Accountants and insurance agents have thousands of other companies to deal with and don’t really personally take care of your company, only administrative manager will be on your side and take care of the company’s interest.

We better take administrative manager of our own than outsource, she will be more reliable and for long term
The payroll of a good administrative manager is a lot higher than outsourcing the administrative tasks and there’s no obligations of Employer-employee relationship. You can consume administrative services based on the companies’ needs and the price will be adjustable, working with outsourced administrative manager will make sure to have more stability to work with organizations and not be based by single person.

Bottom Line: I would like to highly recommend an administrative services named OpServ, especially the founder Inbal Shlezinger who take care of the company’s administrative tasks and let us focus on the business and technology, since we brought her on board Nitzan was able to run 6Scan’s office in united states and I was able to focus on building the product with the R&D team in Israel.

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